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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ranking system currently work and is it final?

  • The ranking system is not final, and will be changing in the future.
  • Current ranking system is based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TrueSkill 
    Basically every map is treated like a tournament of bunch of 1vs1s. Starting from the first record on a map until now, when someone make a time, the algo takes all the people they beat and all they lost to and adds/substracts points after every 1vs1. This system sounds good on paper but as it turned out its not well suited for defrag. The worst problem is when a good player makes a time (for example on a new map) and loses to "worse" players (according to the trueskill ranking), they will lose a shit ton of points and most likely will never get them back when he improves later on. There's also many other aspects like some people only log records, some are actually very good but dont care about their times etc. This makes the ranking not precise at all. I've also tried DFWC ranking system but all the rankings that dont subtract points favor players with lots of records (doesnt matter much if he's actually a good player). I wanna try ELO with some modifications next but thats still a work in progress We're kinda stuck with it right now and are hoping someone will help us out with it.


Can I use q3df org account to log in defrag.racing?

  • you cannot.


Can I use Defrag.racing account in-game?

  • you cannot, since this is not tied to ingame mDd db.


How can I link q3df org account in defrag.racing?
How do I claim my q3df org profile in defrag.racing?

  • click this link, please.


Does defrag.racing serverlist support Defrag - Launcher from Pan-(G)?

  • yes it does, by clicking on PLAY button in every server box on top right corner right next to the ping.
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